If you have Penguin Storm, here are some codes:

Bandana: 1159 Body-head Member-no, Marooned Outfit: 4233 Body-body Member-yes, Treasure Cove background: 9062

For the Treasure hunt:

1. Forest

2. Lighthouse

3. Snow Forts

4. Hidden Lake

5. Plaza (behind the puffle on the pet shop)

6. Town

7. Ski Lodge (behind the pirate puffle wooden sign)

8. Iceburg

Also, we have a pirate expedition! Mermaids welcome!!! Here is the link to my channel so that you can watch it! It’s the latest video.

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Field Ops Cheats!

Hi again! This is another post! The field ops walkthrough!

1. Go to the EPF Command room and read the field ops thing so you know what to do (OBVIOUSLY)!

2. Go to the town and click on the big letter S on the Disco on the Nightclub!

3. Click on your phone and click “ENGAGE”.

4. Have you ever played a mix and match game? It’s basically that, but no wasting time! Example: triangle with triangle, circle with circle etc.

Now you have completed your mission!

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Hello world! Meet Ebony!

Hey, it’s Ebony! This is my blog, welcome to it. First of all, I do CP cheats and gossip and stuff like that. Second, there isn’t just Ebony. There is Vamp (Vampires102), Xawesome (Xawesome18), Hero (Heroboyone), Smiley (Smileyglam), Howie (Howie Dog12) and Virgo (Virgomaid). Third, I do have a youtube account ( so, if you like this so far, go to my youtube account and subscribe. I make really good videos. Let me tell you a bit about my penguins on CP.

Ebony-She’s in most of the videos. She has four best friends, Flame (Flamewolfe), Steak (Steakswirl) and Hula (Hulakona) and Cheese (Ronabhan). She is currently in a love story.

Vamp-Vamp is an actress and really cool. She is in Vamp Vids. LOL they are so funny. Vamp gets parts in my movies but they’re usually small.

Xawesome- Again, another actor. He currently plays Joe in Bad Boys and Good Girls.

Smiley-Smiley is a singer.

Hero-Hero is mostly an actor but he has a talk show called “The Hero Boyone Show” and interviews famous penguins, non members, etc. He hopes to interview Rockhopper some day!

Howie-Howie has a reality prank TV show called Undercover Howie.

Virgo-Virgo is the TV reporter for Gossip News!

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